3 Non-Negotiable Rules Every Firm Needs for Reviewing Proposals

During my 20+ year AEC career, I've worked with some amazingly-intelligent and creative professionals. Some of those folks were strong team players, which led to out-of-this-world outcomes. 

Others couldn't work well within their team, and the end results were average to sub-par.

For all of us, wherever we land on the spectrum, sometimes we just need some reminders of how to play nicely in the sandbox.


3 Non-Negotiable Rules

Recently I was reading a book for my kids' school, called An Ethic of Excellence by Ron Berger, a teacher in Massachusetts with over 25 years of classroom experience. As usual when I read any book, I found some amazing tidbits that apply perfectly to our AEC industry. 

From Ron, to me, and now to you...here are Ron's 3 Non-Negotiable Rules. I recommend them for writing review comments, as well as managing/participating in review meetings. I hope you find them as useful as I have!

They're simpler than you think. Ready?



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Top 3 Proposal Leadership Skills for Technical Professionals

"I sure wish we'd turned our proposal writing draft in even later than we did...that would've really benefited the final product!", said no one ever.

We all have really great intentions when we start working on a new proposal. Frequently, though, proposal work is the first item on our to-do list that we let slip through the cracks. At first we just see our little piece of the puzzle being affected...we forget the overall team and proposal impacts that our slippage causes.

Keith J. Cunningham (author of The Road Less Stupid) recommends we consider the 2nd-order consequences of our decisions. The main concept here is that you really do have 100% control over your own actions. 

How do YOUR decisions affect the rest of your proposal team and the end product? Here are today's Top 3 Proposal Leadership Skills, specifically for technical professionals. We'll look at why these are important, and the consequences of each if we ignore them. 


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