Case Studies


DOTomation has some a-ma-zing clients! And on occasion, we have the opportunity to highlight the work we've done to help them accomplish their goals in a more-detailed Case Study: 


C. H. Fenstermaker, L.L.C.

C. H. Fenstermaker, L.L.C., based in Lafayette, LA, is an industry leader in survey and mapping, engineering and environmental consulting. After their significant personnel growth of 52% during the past 5 years, Fenstermaker needed to restructure their proposal department and offer writing/strategy training to their technical staff. With DOTomation's expertise and guidance, Fenstermaker has seen the following changes come to fruition:

  • The proposal team has more than doubled in size
  • Technical & proposal staff at all levels are being trained; proposal staff are being mentored
  • Tracking of Proposal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is now the norm
  • Technical Department heads now have easy access to KPI data
  • Overflow staffing is available, on-demand
  • The proposal department has a new living database of proposal data
  • Selected or Shortlisted on multiple proposals


"I could not be more satisfied in the relationship between Fenstermaker and DOTomation. Without them we could not have achieved the vision we identified earlier in the process," says Angelle Guilbeau, Fenstermaker's Risk Manager in charge of Proposals and Contracts.

Download Fenstermaker Case Study

Download Fenstermaker Case Study

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